The Apprentice

The finale of the BBC's The Apprentice 2008, saw Sir Alan Sugar's would-be proteges, set the task of designing a perfume, and a bottle, and an advertising campaign to launch a new gent's fragrance to the market. Quite a challenge with judges drawn from the likes of Givenchy and Estee Lauder, as well as Sir Alan. The winner, of course, did get Hired!

Great Perfume Houses have great scents, but that certainly isnít the only success criteria! You need to pick and understand your market, price, promote and present the product and plan your budget and campaign. Top perfumes are launched on budgets of tens of millions of dollars! Hopefully you can learn from othersí failures and spot a gap in the market.

This is a Apprentice style format, great for team building.  Each team (4-5) designs their own perfume and then makes a pitch to the judges Ė they have to describe the fragrance, the audience, the price, the market, and describe how they would sell and market it. Only ultimate team work will ensure you can accomplish this in time.

Teams will be provided with perfume oils to create their fragrance, research material, a lump of playdoh to create a bottle design mock-up, and various art materials and magazines to mock-up an advertising campaign. One Consultant per team is on hand to offer whatever help is requested.