Story of A Murderer

The book (and film), Perfume: The Story of A Murderer, by Patrick Suskind, follows the life of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, on his quest to create the most beautiful perfume of all time. His skill is in being able to decipher the composition of any smell he comes across and then recreate it. His talent is beyond compare, his sense of smell unparalleled, but how well would you fare in endeavour of aromatic analysis.

Experience what itís like to be the perfume laboratory chief analyst, working out how a fragrance is built and how to synthesise it. It could be a lost formula, one of natureís treasures or a competitorís ground breaking new release.

Working in small teams (4-5), each team is given 3 sample perfumes which have been prepared from a combination of 18 ingredient oils. The first sample is made using three of the oils, the second with four and the third with five (really quite tough, >1m possibilities!). Teams need to work collaboratively and analytically to determine how each sample was made. The team that gets closest to the formulas wins. And it is not a simple as it sounds.

Consultants are on hand to offer gentle advice and (equitably) share some clues. Teams will be provided with a perfume blending kit with dabbers and game cards.