Create Your Own Perfume

Welcome to the wonderful world of design your own perfume!

Have you ever dreamt of designing and naming your own scent? What was once the preserve of only the rich and famous, bespoke perfumes are now affordable to practically anyone. Using The Perfume Studio blend system, your guests will create their very own fine fragrances. It is a fascinating and entertaining experience and each guest will walk away with a top quality perfume that they have individually created and named.

Our trained consultants will guide participants in small groups through the design process and make up participants’ perfumes to take away at the day’s close. Our perfume experts will be on hand provide more information, tell a few stories and answer any questions. They will also provide an introduction to perfume design at the start of the session.

These are usually far from quiet affairs! The passion builds and the conversation flows freely as the scents unlock all kinds of memories and stories; truly great fun!